Top Tips to Increase Your Site Traffic

Increasing the amount of traffic to your website is crucial to your business. When you increase the number of visitors, you increase sales and revenue. Follow these top tips to increase traffic to your site and to increase sales.

Provide 100% Unique Information

If you are web site advertising a product or service, make sure that the information provided by your site is 100% unique. You need to provide viewers with valuable information and you need to do it every day. Many websites only offer 1 or 2 different articles but there’s no incentive for viewers to return. When you provide valuable information, viewers will spend more time on your site. Increasing traffic is easy when you provide unique and valuable information.

Use Wordtracker to Find Keywords

When you want to find the best keywords that will bring traffic to your site, consider using a keyword research tool like Wordtracker. This will help you find the top keywords searched by people on the internet. You can choose keywords that are low in competition and high in receiving traffic.

Select More than 1 Keyword

You should never consider selecting keywords that receive little to no traffic. The internet is full of similar terms.

Put Your Keywords in the Site’s Page Title

When you create a Web page, place one or 2 of your keywords in the page title. This helps the search engines to index your site and identify the key words that are being used by people using search engines. You should create individual pages where every page’s title contains only your keywords. This will help the search engines to easily categorize your site and identify the keywords. Also, it will notice the keywords and categorize them with other pages that are using those keywords.

Select More than 1 Keyword Per page

You should have a maximum of only 15-20 keywords that you want to use on more than 1 Web page. You can use several keywords on a single page but you should not have more than one on any page. I must emphasize that you should not add more keywords on the same page since this is very bad.

Your Web Page Content Must Be Unique

You should make sure that your website content is at least 500 words or more. The search engines love articles and this is one of the main factors in determining your site ranking.

Keyword density is important! Search engines love your site if you grow the density of your keyword on your webpage. The keywords should appear maximum of twice.

Make your Web Page User-Friendly

Make your Web page easier to navigate. Best SEO software I have seen displays the position of the pages on the left side of the site. You should put your links in the same place. It is also advisable to include a logo in the top left corner because most of the search engines pull your sites logo from your webpage.

Historically, SEO Has Been B else

SEO has been a big mess. It is hard to understand how to do properly nowadays. Just remember the golden rule: change comes over time. Do not expect too much too soon. In just a few words, let us sum up this article: prepare your site and be patient. SEO is also a big field and it is ever changing. Be willing to learn and decide you what gives you what you want.